Designed For Easy Cleaning
The systems are easy to use, sanitize, and have a low annual maintenance cost.
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Outstanding Customer Support
Our customer service and technical support groups are comprised of individuals with over 40 years of combined experience in the food production marketplace.
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Analyze Historical Data
The data automatically generated by Montrose Inspection Software can be used to produce insights on what part of the process needs to be altered to reduce rejections.
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Automated Vision Inspection Systems For The Food Production Industry, Providing Benchtop Sampling Or 100% Inspection, Rejection and Monitoring

SnapQC Benchtop vision inspection system for food production

Benchtop Inspection


The SnapQC is a complete stand-alone vision inspection system that captures food product information such as true color, height, diameter, symmetry, length, width, volume, color features and weight.

MT Series of in-line vision inspection systems for food production

In-line Inspection

MT Series

Vision systems for food producers to suit any environment with conveyor widths from 12 to 102″, optimized belt materials, application specific rejection mechanisms and configurable conveyor elevations.

Above-line Inspection


A versatile, low cost vision inspection solution for continuous over-line measurement or sampling of food products. FocalPoint systems work over existing conveyors, or as stand-alone, portable at-line stations.

AutoLaner land and balancing for food production

Laning and Balancing


The AutoLaner is an automated laning and balancing system that divides a randomly distributed food product stream equally into multiple channels or lanes.

Montrose Technologies helps food producers ensure the quality of their products meet their customers high demands.

vision inspection of bread

Buns, Breads and Baked Goods

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vision inspection of pizza

Tortillas, Pizza and Doughs

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vision inspection of cookies

Cookies, Crackers and Rice Thins

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vision inspection of donuts

Other Food Products

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Accuracy and Precision for vision inspection in food production

Precision and Accuracy

Montrose Technologies employs a unique 2D/3D color imaging engine providing accurate size, shape and color information.

Customer Support for vision inspection of food production

Customer Service

Our customer service team is comprised of individuals with over 40 years of combined experience in the food production marketplace.

Global Support for vision inspection in food production

Global Support

On-site and remote support is provided with all system sales, adaptable to customer needs and expectations.

Return on investment of vision inspection in food production

Return on Investment

Montrose vision inspection systems provide crucial data allowing reduction in waste and labor costs increasing profitability.

Our Customers

McDonalds Corporation
Kellog's Corporation
General Mills Corporation
Quaker Incorporated
Bimbo Bakeries
C.H. Guenther & Sons, Inc
Mision Bakeries
CraftMark Bakery
Weston Foods
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