Cookie, Cracker and Rice Thins

Provide quantitative data to monitor process quality.

Cookie, Cracker and Rice Thin Vision Inspection

Dimensional and color characteristics are important to cookie, cracker, wafer, and rice cake producers, and it can be difficult to quantify those traits with visual and manual inspection methods.

vision inspection of cookies

An over-line or in-line vision monitoring system can provide continuous, quantitative data that can be used to identify process issues, make real-time changes, and create a library of information for analysis. A bench-top vision system allows for statistical analysis from different production lines, providing instantaneous data and images, along with historical reporting.  An off-line vision tool removes subjective grading of products, manual measurements, and data entry; replaced with consistent, quantitative results.

An in-line vision system equipped with a rejection module will automatically remove faulty product, particularly those pieces that will cause stacking and/or packaging disruptions.

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