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Each customer has unique needs, and Montrose offers a wide variety of support programs tailored to ensure you receive the service you require whenever it is needed.


Montrose also provides extensive training to enable your skilled team to take on maintenance or full service of these systems, as well as applications and product setup.  Montrose knows the value of a well-trained customer.


Montrose is also the only authorized support provider for its legacy Dipix equipment.  Montrose will provide you with the correct spare parts, technical support, on-site service, as well as upgrades (mechanical, electrical or software) to your existing Dipix equipment.


Contact Montrose for available Support Options for your equipment.  We'll tailor a program around your needs.


Montrose also offers a Managed Service program.  This program provides complete assurance that your system is running optimally.  We will monitor your system's performance, make any changes or adjustments as they are needed and perform any on-site maintenance or repairs as required. Everything from product setup to report analysis and troubleshooting is covered to provide a seamless integration of the equipment into your production environment.


Please contact us with any questions you may have, we'd be pleased to help ensure your Montrose and Dipix systems are working for you.


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New or legacy equipment -

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Montrose offers a variety of training courses that take users and operators from the most basic to the most advanced levels.

As with any technologically advanced production equipment, routine care and monitoring are key to reliable operation.  Montrose can either look after all aspects of your system, or train your staff to a capability that they are comfortable with.


At Montrose, we pay extra attention to equipment documentation.  Our system manuals cover all aspects of machine calibration, preventive maintenance, service procedures, and troubleshooting.


With periodic refresher training and reference to Montrose system manuals, our customers are often able to take full responsibility for keeping their inspection systems performing as they should.


Courses consist of both classroom sessions and hands-on work, and are available in:


General system operating principles


General system maintenance procedures


General system sanitation procedures


Advanced system applications configuration


Advanced systems troubleshooting and maintenance


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1051 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K2C 3P2

Tel:  +1-613-562-1113

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1051 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K2C 3P2

Tel:  +1-613-562-1113

Copyright© 2016 Montrose Technologies Inc.  All Rights Reserved.