Montrose Technologies is a global leader in automated vision inspection and material handling solutions for the processed food industry.


Built on the legacy Dipix brand, the innovative new Montrose systems provide customers with solutions that reduce operating costs, improve product quality, and generate critical production data. At the core of our expertise is a unique 2D/3D/color imaging engine that provides accurate size, shape and color information for randomly-oriented, fast-moving objects. This core technology is used in all of our inspection systems and ensures that every product is identified, analyzed and, if necessary, individually removed or diverted from the product stream.


Our products are well established in the food industry, including a wide range of innovations such as bottom color scanning, individual piece rejection, and automatic laning and balancing for packaging. Every system is developed in conjunction with our customers to ensure that the installed solution meets all of the customer's project requirements.


Currently, there are over 250 Montrose and Dipix systems installed worldwide, including installations in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Our customer list includes some of the biggest names in the food industry.


Montrose Technologies is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Vision in baking since 1998.

1051 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K2C 3P2      Tel:  +1-613-562-1113

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Bimbo Bakeries USA

General Mills

George Weston Bakeries

Maple Leaf Foods


McKee Foods



Northern Foods

Pinnacle Foods



Recent News

December 2016 - Multiple orders already received for the SnapQCTM , the economical, feature-rich, off-line measurement station.


October 2016 - Montrose to introduce the compact SnapQCTM off-line measurement station at IBIE 2016.



November 2015 -Montrose ships multiple units of vision systems with expanded capability to measure top and side colors of snack products.


October 2015 - Montrose installs first in-line vision system in major bakery in Thailand.


May 2014 - Montrose completes installation of a multi-unit order for toaster pastry inspection systems at a key US facility.  The systems feature advanced color imaging over wide conveyor lines for both top and bottom product inspection.


April 2014 - Montrose ships MT36 system for high speed integrated 3D, top and bottom color inspection to a major US bakery.  The solution includes optional individual piece recirculation allowing product detachment/separation and flow selection.


October 2013 - Montrose exhibited both a FocalPoint and an MT24 system at the International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 6-9.  The show was a huge success.  Thank you to all who stopped by to visit.


August 2013 - Montrose launches new web site highlighting new product offerings.


September 2012 - Montrose launches new wide-line vision inspection system with integrated bottom color imaging. The MT50 is designed for high volume bun, roll, bagel, and muffin production and features a 50" field of view. First systems have been shipped to US facilities of the world's largest baking company.


August 2012 - Montrose ships multi-unit FocalPoint order to major cookie customer. The FocalPoint systems include new full-color piece detection for volume cookie lines.


April 2012 - Montrose delivers MT42WM system to a major US donut manufacturer. The all-stainless steel MT42 features a high resolution 42" wide field of view and wire mesh conveyor designed for washdown environments.


November 2011 - Montrose launches new FocalPoint overline inspection systems. Designed for low cost of ownership and easy installation, the FocalPoint features many of the capabilities of Montrose’s full in-line systems, but in a compact package that can be mounted over existing conveyors. Multiple units have been installed at bakeries in the USA.




1051 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K2C 3P2

Tel:  +1-613-562-1113

Copyright© 2016 Montrose Technologies Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

1051 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K2C 3P2

Tel:  +1-613-562-1113

Copyright© 2016 Montrose Technologies Inc.  All Rights Reserved.